The does–it–all Domain Manager interface, included inside the Online Control Panel can undoubtedly do it all. It allows you to command many domain names conveniently, within the very same place you control your websites and billing. And it will allow you to instantly switch from one to the next without losing any changes.

Multi– Domain Name Management

Control every one of your domain names from one location

The Go-Teks Technology Domain Manager has a simple to use interface out of which you can maintain all your domains and sites with simply a click. You can find a variety of domain name settings for example – the option to edit WHOIS, adjust name servers, set custom DNS records, lock/unlock domain, etc., on hand. Additional domain settings include unrestricted parked domain names, URL re–direction, WHOIS Privacy Protection, etc.

In case you have a lot of domains, you can utilize the ’bulk domain’ option to register, transfer or renew different domains at a time. Many of the edit domain alternatives are furthermore appropriate for multiple domains at one go.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Handle all your DNS records with just a mouse click

The DNS supervision user interface of the Online Control Panel boasts an option to set and revise a variety of DNS records for any domain names you have registered or transferred to your web hosting account. These records consist of A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, SRV and TXT records. Provided you have revised a DNS record nonetheless need to retrieve the original values, that can be done with merely a click of the mouse on the Revert button.

With the DNS Manager, you might also register name servers that can be based upon your domain, including: dns1.your– and dns2.your– This will help you make your brand extra identifiable to your users!

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Parking

Park your domains within just one step

Domain Parking is a superb solution that you can use to get alluring domain names and put them online and never have websites. You can certainly park as much domain names as you wish with the Domain Manager of one’s Online Control Panel. Parking a domain can make it showcase an ’Under Construction’ web page, a "for sale" webpage, as well as point the domain to another web site.

And as soon as you’ve got your web site available, you can easily host back your domain name with merely a single click! Your newly uploaded website will come online right away.

Hepsia File Manager

Redirect Your Domains

Point your domain names to additional websites

From our Domain Manager, you can easily point a domain name to another website url regardless of whether it is located in your own account or some other place. Inside the convenient interface, you just need to choose the domain you want to redirect after which specify the address at which you would like it to go to. So as to point the domain to your Linux shared hosting packages account, you simply must click on the ’Host Domain’ button and let a matter of moments for the switch to take place.

Domain redirection is most needed in instances when you’d like 2 completely different domains to open up exactly the same website. In this instance, you’ll possess one of the domain names filled with the web content and the other domain name directed to the very same content.

Hepsia File Manager

Whois Privacy Protection

Secure your details from abuse

Just about every domain name you register includes your personal information that will be commonly noticeable to the general public. While there is a chance that someone makes use of your details for spamming intentions, you might take advantage of a WHOIS Privacy Protection service. It’s going to hide all important data from the open public, in order that when someone makes a WHOIS lookup, they will only view generic info instead of yourpersonal information.

But don’t worry, if somebody must communicate with you regarding your domain – all contact demands will still be brought to your email address.

Hepsia File Manager

SSL Services

Secure your consumers’ details

The best way to ensure safety for the very sensitive details of your online clients is to mount an SSL Service on your web site. It will secure the link between your site visitors and then your website, to make sure that all sent information just like bank card data are maintained protected.

From the Domain Manager, it’s easy to obtain a fresh SSL certificate for your site. You can pick between two kinds of SSL Services – standard (for 1 site) plus Wildcard (for all hosts with a domain).

Hepsia File Manager