In the Go-Teks Technology web hosting control panel you’ll discover a user friendly website generator that you can use to create a new, stylish site all by yourself. It’s very easy to follow, even if you aren’t tech savvy. The tool features plenty of design templates found in many color configurations that you could change to your preference. Plus, your website will appear perfect across tablets and phones!

The website generator is available with all Linux shared hosting packages, VPS packages, Linux semi-dedicated packages, and Linux dedicated servers hosting packages packages which are combined with the Go-Teks Technology Online Control Panel.

An easy–to–use website generator

No technical expertise is required

The website generator integrated into the Go-Teks Technology Control Panel is really intuitive. It enables you to build your own site via quick point and click commands. No need to understand HTML or any other web development language. If you’ve ever worked with a web app or even a text editing software, then you’ll already understand how to employ the website generator.

Using the tool’s site editor, you can move around page contents as you want and customize them with a click. Also, you can insert images, videos, and even your own photo gallery, etc. in almost no time at all.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An array of easy to re–design website templates

Cool themes that look great across mobile devices

In order to design an inviting site, you need a suitable base. That’s why, the Go-Teks Technology’s website generator has a large selection of different site themes, suitable for any kind of site – personal pages, e–stores, community boards, and so on.

Each template is easy–to–customize, with a number of layout schemes, unique color setups and built–in support for well over a hundred fonts. And you can modify each of these settings with just a click of the mouse. And best of all, if at any time you want to switch your theme and select a new one, all edits you’ve completed will be switched over instantly.

An array of easy to re–design website templates

Integrated knowledge base and step–by–step video tutorials

Check out exactly how quick it actually is to jumpstart a web presence

The Go-Teks Technology’s website generator features a very helpful Help Center home to a variety of how–to articles and video tutorials that are inspired by the most frequently asked questions by clients.

They can help you out in case you want to check out how to add a new page, how to change the color options of your site theme, how to add a blog module or even how to change your whole template.

Plus, we will provide at your disposal a tech support team that is available round–the–clock, prepared to answer any of your questions.

Video Tutorials